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Time is limited..

Will you be stuck in the matrix?

They teach you since toddler age, follow directions and don't ask questions when told to do something.

All too long the world has been separated whether its by race, religion, class, or sex. This is not a accident they divide the population on purpose to keep everyone in the matrix and following directions. (aka working the rest of your life)

How to escape you are wondering? Strict path, which slim to none are able to execute. Plenty of knowledge here to help you with that.


Only 10% of people will ever make $200,000 a year.

Freed Minds

Do you understand how modern day slavery works? tate

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Everyone is a good little slave.

Slave- "a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them." Everybody is a slave, yes you included. It doesn't matter how good your job is, or how much you get paid at the end of the day you are exchanging your time and energy to help build someone else's company. Proving my point exactly, if someone can give you something that is fake (money) for 20 + years of your life that is modern day slavery.

Resisting the Slave Mindset.

There are in fact ways to resist the slave mindset. But slim to none will ever successfully accomplish that in their life time. The vast majority of people are fine with working the rest of their lives, having a family, house, pet and living "happily forever after."

Sacrifice a year of your life to work towards bettering yourself, to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. Your decisions that you made in 2022 will determine how your life will be in 2030.